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When users are online, they often share sensitive data with a companies’ websites, such as their name, address, passwords or credit card information.  But how do they know if it is safe for them to share their personal information with a website? How can someone be sure that a website is a safe place where no one will hack or steal their personal information? SSL Certification is the safest way to give more security to your website visitors.

Posted: 2018-05-28 11:37:54 AM by Global Administrator
Mulvihill Insurance offers a full range of Personal and Business Insurance solutions. It truly is a family run business with family-based values. They respect the relationships they have with their clients. As a local insurance brokers, they feel they understand the individual needs and issues of their clients and the communities they serve. 

Mulvihill Insurance requested a new website to better serve their clients’ online experience. AKA Broker developed a fully-responsive website to enhance Mulvihill Insurance’s online image. The clean and modern design reflects the same professionalism and care that this brokerage strives to bring to its clients. The website also features a News section (Mulvihill U) with Twitter and Facebook feeds to keep clients and users informed with valuable tips, updates and latest news.

Checkout their new website here!

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